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Steel production and consumption to maintain growth

High pressure domestic iron ore market, continued to take the difficulty increases.Steel market through an adjustment, although the recovery a little upward trend, but the weak end-market demand is still bearish influence on the policy side and financial side of all adverse circumstances, the steel market is difficult as a strong up trend, resulting in iron and steel enterprises for raw materialsprocurement has been tightened, the overall turnover of the iron ore market downturn, although the price is quite strong, but support the market power is clearly insufficient to continue to rise, imports of ore in the market have no market price in the case, the pre-adjustment of the domestic Q345E seamless marketstate highlights, some manufacturers to circumvent the latter part of the risk, take the way with the production with sales.
Opened today, the domestic prices continue to fall Q345E seamless.According to Lange Steel Information Research Center of Market monitoring shows: Tangshan market, Rui yield of 2.5 * (145-162) strip 4540 yuan more than last Friday, down 30 yuan; 2.5 * (232-355) strip 4580 yuan, more thanon Friday or $ 100.Wuxi market, the national yield of 2.5 * (232-355) strip price of 4,800 yuan, last Friday, down $ 20.Guangzhou market, the national yield of 2.5 * (183-355) strip price of 4880 yuan, last Friday, down more than $ 20 (tax included above are cash prices).Ministry of Industry has issued the "2010 operation of the steel industry, and 2011 Outlook" report.
Report that in 2011 the steel industry will continue to increase production costs facing a severe test situation, steel production and consumption growth, but growth will remain slow.The report predicts that the steel industry's raw material and fuel prices high, the efficiency of the sector in 2011 will not significantly changed.Run around the steel market in the basic track, the domestic steel market prices experienced throughout the Festival Festival's short shot up after the trade date, start a correction, Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, the callback rate is relatively deep steel prices.Around the steel prices this week, that confirms the analysis reveals the author's pre-holiday worries, high prices, poor turnover, high cash business mentality is strong, leading to a price correction this week around the steel.
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