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Big oil pipe and hot-rolled seamless steel pipe manufacturer co Walu Rick


Walu Rick founded in 1886, with 120 years of operating history, the Paris Stock Exchange in 1957.Walu Rick is the world's largest and most extensive range of product size hot-rolled seamless steel pipe manufacturer, serving the energy and machinery manufacturing the world's leading manufacturer of seamless steel pipe.In more than 20 countries and regions which have production plants, total production capacity of more than 3 million tons, has a complete industrial chain.
April 1, 2011 big big oil pipe oil pipe [2.64 6.02%] (000839-HK) was Walu Rick shares 19.5% higher premium OCTG industry leading backbone enterprises, today announced that HK $ 3.96 per share to the world's leadingoil well pipe manufacturers --- Walu Rick (Vallourec) 196 million private placement transaction shares H shares has been completed, the private placement price and the closing price on April 1, a premium of approximately HK $ 2.49 compared to 59%.
Walu Rick has been focused on high-end product development, production and sales of OCTG products are mainly used in high altitude, desert ultra-deep wells, highly corrosive marine oil and gas well exploration, supercritical, ultra supercritical boilerproduction and so on.Walu Rick advantage of a strong R & D system, with high-end products, intellectual property, market resources and quality of the service system.
Private placement of shares to Walu Rick, not only effectively address the financial needs of development of the company, more importantly, to carry out strategic cooperation agreement by both sides in technology, marketing and management and other in-depth cooperation, strengthen big oil pipe oil pipe in the oil marketposition to better meet customer demand for high grade, high performance and special products.The big oil pipe technology, equipment and management in the oil wells with Walu Rick's sales management experience and technology, the big oil hot-rolled seamless steel pipe and Walu Rick vendors will enhance the core competitiveness of bothand profitability, consolidate and enhance their strategic position in the market, for both long-term shareholder value.


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