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National market coil market fell across the board


According to the "My iron and steel" network to provide information, yesterday the national market coil market fell across the board, no market prices.Among them, the Hefei market fell even more hot roll 70 yuan / ton, Tianjin, Taiyuan, cold-rolled coil market down 50 yuan / ton.
It also contributed to the construction steel market is under pressure, the regions were mixed.Related to analyst, told reporters this week, affected by the rainy season, coupled with financial pressure further increase, turnover in Shanghai's dramatic drop in rebar.
Although the price pressure, but because profit margins are still more optimistic, and not cut steel sign.According to the newspaper industry, the latest available data from early June, the national crude steel output rose again to 196 million tons.This figure is second only to mid-May record high, indicating that China's steel production is still in full release.
On the market outlook, the industry attitude arise.Mainstream view is that short-term macro-tightening pressure to bring money and order the steel market will continue to exert influence.Among them, the price of sheet metal products will be fully adjusted, the weak run in some areas, and construction of steel plate upside down will continue.The thread, wire and other construction steel prices in the short term may also be due to rainy weather, factors such as bank term loan maturity under pressure.But with the protection of housing starts speed, three-quarters of the opportunity is still there.


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