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Iron and steel industry development trend of the future


National Development and Reform Commission and other 10 departments 13, announced the "curb some of industry overcapacity and duplication to guide the healthy development of industry a number of comments" demanding the country to expedite the implementation of structural adjustment, to resolutely curb some of the industry's excess capacity and duplication,guide the orderly development of new industries."Opinions" that as soon as possible inhibition of excess capacity and duplication, and the limited resources to guide and configuration elements to optimize inventory, and cultivate new growth points up, in line with market demand to develop high-tech industries and services, not only to achieve industrialpositive development, but also for changing the mode of development, achieve sustainable economic and social development is of great significance.This year there will be a series of low-carbon, new energy policy introduced.Example, is developing a "low-carbon economy guidance" to encourage low-energy transport policy, the purchase and sale of energy saving equipment and further financial subsidies, and contracts to support energy management policies.With the contract energy management has been recognized by more companies, the demand for energy-saving equipment will gradually increase, energy saving lamps, waste heat boiler, energy conversion devices and so will benefit.50% of world steel production by China, according to our government's policies, especially the "five-second" plan industry adjustment and the elimination of backward production capacity requirements, as well as China's infrastructure needs can be proved in the nextfive years, all of the growth will occur in emerging markets.May 11, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies CEO WernerAuer Essen in Germany said that in China, some of the local design institutes, engineering companies are the total package and improved through small-scale application of existing solutions to develop their own opportunitiestechnical capabilities, with Chinese state-owned steel companies they have a good relationship, and are the BRIC countries to expand their customer base, such as the China Metallurgical Group."These companies will be competitors of Siemens in the future." Dai Wei said.In addition, experience with large projects of advanced equipment supplier Siemens is also seen as potential competitors."Those who enter the system integration business, equipment manufacturers, has become the equipment provider will, such as China First Heavy Industries Group, CITIC Heavy Industries." "Siemens must face competition from these local rivals." Said Dai Wei"Although emerging market demand for solutions is relatively low, but the emerging markets, the average market price is about 50% of the price of our past, which means that just by cheap labor costs, plus some local sourcing can not be achieved, whichrequires us to make a new design for emerging markets and narrow the existing solutions can not remain competitive and succeed in these markets. "the future of the steel industry must strengthen the independent innovation as the driving force towards innovation-driven, endogenous growthdevelopment track.To the implementation of major science and technology as an opportunity to integrate scientific and technological resources, breakthroughs in core technologies and key technologies.Strengthen the role of technological innovation, market-oriented research with a combination of elements and resources to guide innovation and enterprise aggregation.Implementation of the quality of industrial products and own brand revitalization strategy, promoting the product and market innovation, effectively stimulate consumption, improve consumption structure.Implementation of standards and intellectual property strategy, the formation of a core group of independent intellectual property rights and technical standards.Guide enterprises to the implementation of financial capital, human resources, strategic planning and marketing and other key aspects of management innovation, improve management efficiency and level.Focus on development of strategic new industries.Focusing on electronic information, advanced equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new industries such as software services, producer services such as modern logistics development.Driven networks, services and the rapid development of new business.Application of information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries obvious effect, is creating a number of new growth.

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